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R M Olson Herringbone Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic also Available in a Jumbo and Our RMOD28 Dreadnought

We Ship USPS International Insured

The R M Olson Herringbone Cutaway is $550.00 with $35.00 for USPS insured S/H to Continental US addresses. Canada S/H is $75.00 International Priority Mail Insured is $90.00
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on all our electric, acoustic and guitar kits. Click Here to Join the Guitar Forum I take checks, money orders or MoneyGrams payable to:
Robert M Olson
PO Box 1226
Fairfield Bay, AR 72088
I ship ASAP for money orders, certified checks or MoneyGrams.
Thanks Robert

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RM Olson Herringbone Cutaway