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Wholesale Guitar Kits

Thanks for your interest in our wholesale guitar kits!

Guitar kits can be a big source of income whether you sell full time or part time. There are tens of thousands of people who build kits. Even though I just started selling the kits, I have many repeat buyers and kits became my biggest selling item. Nice thing about it, it is easy to beat the prices charged by the big names in kits. For one thing, and thankfully so, they are so cheap when it comes to the wood used to build their kits. They use woods like basswood and popular to try to save a buck. All our kits are made primarily from mahogany and/or maple.

When I have a production run planned, I can have a few kits built for you with some of your own custom specs. If you want a minimum of 20 kits, I can get the prices down dirt cheap and get the shipping costs way down too.

The shipping charges drop and profit margins increase when you are able to have 20 to 100 guitars and kits produced at one time.

If you are serious about starting your own guitar business, give me a call. You can catch me anywhere I am with this number.

Cell 501 253-1561

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