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These are not the cheap kits with the basswood bodies. All models have a two piece mahogany bodies with a one piece mahogany neck except for a small piece to extend the heel. The Little Player guitar kits have flamed maple veneer over a solid maple cap. Click Here to Join the Forum

These kits are lower priced than other kits on the internet unless you are wanting to build your own guitar with a kit made from the cheap woods like basswood or popular. We only use the good wood! Our kits are built from mahogany and maple with ebony fretboards.

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Build Your Own Guitar

LP Little Player guitar kit is a full size guitar kit:
This model comes with an ebony fretboard, block MOP fretboard markers and multi layer binding on the top, back and headstock. Fretboard also has binding. The kit kit come with a free chrome Korean hardware set.
Price is $260.00 plus $35.00 s/h

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